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What up?

Hey LJers! Who still uses this thing?
OK. From now on all public posts are being made here: http://www.marymo.tv/blog/
Go check it out.
Ok, so the blatant copy of my website and logo was funny at first, now its just copyright infringement.

"we only said goodbye with words"

My promotion at work rocks. I've got a much bigger office, a window, and a lot more responsibility. All of which is wonderful. It just sucks that it coincides with the semester I decided to go back to school and take five classes. So I have no free time. And starting this week I'll have even less because I need to focus more on school.

I can't wait to go to Miami. I'm so excited about getting a break. Its just a little over a month away now. :D I'm going to be so busy in March and April. Especially since I'll be in Atlanta the weekend after Miami. And then I'll start having to crunch for exams, projects, and papers. Oh and all my fav shows will be back then. Yay. AND the stargate movies come out in April and May.

The best thing coming up is I might have a roommate over the summer. And that makes me super excited. No details now.

RIP Mike

Another person I work with died this week. That makes three in about six months. Mike had been battling cancer on top of a lot of other things for the past seven months. He worked on and off up until about two weeks ago. We all thought he was making a turn for the better. Please keep his little girl and her mother (his first wife) in your thoughts and prayers. This was very sudden.
From what I heard he had collapsed Sunday and his ex wife was able to revive him but his brain had gone too long without oxygen. He had also suffered massive internal organ failure.

Mike, I'm gonna miss you a lot. Especially you walking by my office everyday and calling me grumpy. May you finally rest in peace.

(from the newspaper)
Michael Keith Wilson, 43, of Ladson, husband of Michelle Lynn Rosell Wilson died Monday, February 4, 2008 at Trident Medical Center. Mr. Wilson was born January 1, 1965 in Parkersburg, West Virginia, a son of Keith Charles Wilson, Jr. of Parkersburg, West Virginia and Sharon Ruth Cooper of Vienna, West Virginia. Upon graduating from high school, he joined the United States Navy and served his country for four years until his honorable discharge in 1987. Mr. Wilson was employed as a project manager with Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning Company. He was an avid Clemson sports fan, outstanding athlete, and he loved to entertain. Surviving in addition to his parents and wife are his daughter, Holly Marie Wilson of Ladson, three brothers, Charles B. Wilson (Insook) of Annapolis, MD, Edward J. Wilson (Trish) of Charlotte, NC, Steven L. Wilson of Colorado Springs, CO, and one sister, Lisa R. Reed (Ed) of Vienna, W. VA.

more public

So, I've decided to make an effort to make more public entries and to stop using myspace blogs. I know that there are friends of mine that don't have lj, and used to read mine before it went fully friends only.

So, for my first post. My classes are great. I honestly never thought I would like non art teachers so much. They are all well educated and have lots of experience. Within the first two days of school three of my four in class teachers all said they think the education that we are getting is the same, if not better than what you would get a four year college. They all also said that when they're done with us they'd pit us against Harvard students. Take that all you four year college snobs. ;p

I never really understood why people look down on technical colleges. Frankly the only difference is that you don't have to take a bunch of gen ed classes. After comparing the education systems I think I'll have a better grasp on accounting and business that I would have if I went to CofC. That and the fact that I work 40+ hours a week kept me from going to CofC. I don't have time to get two bachelors degrees. And I really don't think I need them, as long as I know what I'm doing and can prove that I know it.

Jan. 2nd, 2008

Honestly, I haven't been happier than I am right now.
Things are amazing.

I go back to school next week and I couldn't be more excited. My health is finally leveling out. I'm living a much more healthy life and I feel great.


Posted some fashion icons on my icon journal. Moonlight ones to come later today. Go add it!!

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